Pimbo, Achim, DJ Rufflow


The main idea behind Demograffics is to bring all types of people of different race and culture together to celebrate the HipHop movement and bring it back to life.
The crew resides in Bavaria and its origin is sprawled from Carolina to Germany since Achim Schneemann spent over ten years in the United States (South Carolina), whereas the rest of the crew (DJ Pimbo & DJ Rufflow, aka Bavarian Gladiators) grew up in lower Bavaria. In 2004 Achim returned from the States to Germany, which resembles the starting point of Achim, Pimbo and Rufflow creating the joint venture called Demograffics. For the past three years they have been doing shows around Bavaria, Austria and also the United States (Atlanta, Virginia Beach, Charleston, etc), supporting acts such as Inspectah Deck, Zoe, Cage and Last Emperor.
Struggling through the HipHop game, which is currently misdirected by cheap illusions and material, Demograffics stick to their mind state of down to earth music, digging old dusty records, making beats and most important breathing in the notion of 1MC and 2DJs!
Nevertheless, Demograffics is not trying to change the game or even state itself as the next best kept secret. They are just sitting on a branch, watching the media shower from a Bird`s Eye View and creating their own niche in the (music)society.
Recently, Demograffics has joined the IPF Allstars Team (www.ipf-entertainment.com), from Regensburg Germany, which include artists such as “King Banana”, “Purkwa”, “Flowkiste” or “Mortal Kombat Sound” just to name a few.